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What is e-Learning?

e-Learning is a broad definition of the field of using technology to deliver learning and training programs. It is typically used to describe media such as CD-ROM, Internet, Intranet, wireless and mobile learning. Some include Knowledge Management as a form of e-learning. The term evolved from "Internet based Training" in 1995, then "Web-based Training" (to clarify that delivery could be on the Inter- or Intra-net), then "Online Learning" and finally e-learning, adopting the fashionable use of "e-" during the dot com boom.

How does e-Learning work?

Training programs are a major organizational commitment by any standards. Aside from supplying high quality content, the online data collection system allows corporations to keep track of their training programs and also allows for simple content updates and course routing.
The training programs are divided into subjects, and within each subject there are a varying number of modules which should be completed by each student. The application is able to monitor each student and their progress per subject, maintaining records for future retrieval and analysis.
Upon completion of all modules within a subject area a pre-configured certificate is printed, including name and position of student, and name of course completed. This certificate can be customized to include corporate identity, names and positions of key management with a space for signature, and other adaptations as necessary. If required, authorized signatures can be scanned onto the certificate as well.

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