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Today's security situation makes heavy demands on hotel security officers, with a large variety of tasks being placed on their shoulders. These tasks often require the security officer to use different equipment for different tasks. In addition, much of the work of the security department remains paper-based. The HSMT Group has developed a technology-based solution, Secure PDA, to increase the efficiency of the security officers and therefore the levels of service to the guest. Using state-of-the-art communications and up-to-date technologies, the Secure PDA gives the hotel security officer a central tool to manage all their daily tasks, including:

  • Ability to view and manage CCTV cameras.
  • Receive instant notification of alarms, including exact location in the building; the ability to neutralize them, thus reducing disturbance to guests to a minimum.
  • Extract readouts of telephone calls from any managed extension.
  • Extract readouts of electronic locks, in-room safes, mini-bar and Pay-TV activities
  • View digital versions of procedure manuals (emergency procedures, first aid, and so on).
  • Real-time registration of cars entering car park, with instant link to HSMTech database.
  • Lookup lists of lost and found items from HSMTech database and management.
  • Communication with hotel's PMS system for guest identification and in-house lists.
  • Communications with room management systems to instantly locate list of rooms which are physically occupied (as opposed to registered) in the event of emergency or evacuation

Together with modern standard PDA features (telephone, diary, email and so on), this tool gives the security officer the ability to respond instantly to any incident in and around the hotel, which improves the level of service to the guests.

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