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The Computech S-303 room management system (RMS) from Hotelo is designed to enable the guest to operate the various systems found in the modern hotel bedroom, either through a central control panel, or through a number of separate panels.

Apart from the obvious immediate benefits of such a system to the levels of comfort offered to the guest, the Computech RMS system is the most efficient method of energy saving available today.

Any professional hotelier knows that a significant factor to increasing the bottom line profit is efficient and maximum energy saving. This can be facilitated by installing a RMS in the guest rooms. Together with the controller, the system is installed with various detectors in the room, such as movement detectors, and window and door controllers. When the guest leaves the room, or alternatively opens a window or external door, a preset period of time will be monitored and then the energy-consuming systems in the room will be shut down. For example, the air conditioning will be turned off, as well as the television and radio.

Naturally, the S-303 controller is a clever piece of equipment, and records the state of these systems before shutting them down. Therefore, when the guest either returns to the room, or closes the offending window, these same systems are immediately returned to their original state. The guest will not notice the shut down and startup at all.

Within the system controller, a simple Windows-based PC, statistics are collected on both a room-by-room basis, and also on the entire property, with other breakdowns also available. As a result, reports can be produced ad hoc, using different cross-sections as appropriate. These statistics (in the form of energy minutes) can easily be translated into financial figures either internally by allocating prices to the base energy units, or by exporting the information to an Excel worksheet.

The C-303 RMS also provides safety and security features to the hotel. For example, the 'alarms' feature can be programmed to send an alert to the security officer, either by SMS or by pager, if certain conditions are met. As example of such an alarm might be that the security officer should be alerted if the room is occupied, but that there is no movement in the room for more than 20 minutes, indicating a possible medical emergency in the room.

If the property needs to be evacuated for any reason, the S-303 RMS can issue an accurate list of occupied rooms (as opposed to registered rooms) to pinpoint the rooms which should be checked by security officers. This is much more efficient than using the guest lists from the hotel Property Management System (PMS), which indicates registered rooms only.

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