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Building Management System

The Trend Building Management System (BMS) acts as the command center for the maintenance department at the hotel. The system allows the engineering department to maintain control of all the operations performed by each and every electro-mechanical system installed at the site.

Correct management of heavy equipment and systems at the hotel can have the effect of dramatically reducing expenses. Using Trend, the engineering manager can efficiently and effectively plan the servicing schedules of the hotel systems, thereby reducing the wear-and-tear factor, and significantly increasing the average life expectancy of these systems.

In addition, regular and thorough cleaning and servicing has been proven to increase energy efficiency, and therefore reduced bills for energy consumption.

Some of the systems which can be managed by the BMS:

Air conditioning
Commercial fridges and kitchen equipment
Emergency generators
Safety systems (Fire and smoke detectors, sprinklers, etc)
Telephone switchboards
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Each system is controlled by an independent and dedicated control unit, allowing all operations to be carried out without the need to depend on communications or on the satisfactory operation of the central computer.


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