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Today's challenges facing the hotel industry in safety and security, demand high levels of knowledge and meticulous planning. The establishment of a modern and robust safety and security infrastructure requires a comprehensive understanding of the technologies in use today, together with an awareness of the unique requirements of the hotel business.

Since its inception, the HSMT Group has been a leading provider of technology-based products and services to the hospitality industry in all areas of safety, prevention and security. The group works in cooperation with the most reputable production companies around the world, to offer the best possible solutions to its clients.

The following services are offered:

  • Development of detailed schematics of safety and security systems for a property, including specifications, and security planning
  • Preparation of detailed, professional and technical specifications for all safety and security systems
  • Supply, installation, training and operation of low voltage systems
  • Assistance in preparation and management of Requests for Proposal (RfP's), supplier selection supervision of equipment receipt, installation, training and operation

    The products on offer through the technologies division include:

  • HSMTech safety and security management software
  • "Secure PDA" mobile security management console
  • Safety equipment and systems
  • Security equipment and systems
  • Audio and public address systems
  • Building management and control systems
  • Computerized control systems software and hardware
  • Alarm systems
  • Low voltage systems (CCTV, electronic locks, in-room safes, etc)

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