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Hotel Security Management

Now more than ever there is a clear trend in the hospitality industry to use outsourcing management in the areas which are not part of hotel operations core business. The security and safety operation is an ideal candidate for outsourcing, especially in light of recent world events, and the resulting demands for professional security management. The outsourcing of hotel security operations to the HSMT Group, as specialists in safety and security for the hospitality industry, gives the hotel management the following benefits:

  • Operational reliability
  • Peace of mind
  • Professional service
  • Significant financial savings

The HSMT Group provides a complete range of services under a single roof, thus ensuring the establishment of a first-rate security department, the base for which is a sound and firm foundation of skilled and reliable manpower, equipment, training, procedures and regulations, of the most advanced available today. A modern planning and command control center, developed and managed by HSMT experts, improves hotel safety and security levels whilst reducing costs.

The HSMT Group is able to provide customized outsourcing solutions to a wide range of hotel facilities, from the smallest independent unit, to large international hotel chains.

  • Full outsourcing solution
    The HSMT Group provides all security officers, training and portable equipment, and oversees the security of the property on behalf of the property management, in return for a monthly fee.
  • Regional services
    Designed for hotels who do not foresee the need for a full security department at their property, the HSMT Group is able to provide a Chief Security Officer to oversee the security operations in a group of hotels, located in close proximity of each other. This unique service ensures reduced costs per hotel, with each hotel paying a percentage of the monthly fee.
    Ideally, the Chief Security Officer will be responsible for between 4 and 10 properties, depending on the size and locations of the participating hotels.

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