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Today's increased security awareness worldwide has created a demand for more knowledge of the levels of safety and security provided to the client by hotels.

The HSMT Group performs audits, assessments and surveys on behalf of organizations, looking at the safety and security provided by hotels. These audits either take place in cooperation with the target hotel, or undercover without the knowledge of the hotel in question. The requesting organization is provided with a full and detailed analysis at the conclusion of the audit process, including presentation, conclusions and recommendations where applicable.

Range of audits and assessments

  • Pre-planning audits

    Consultancy for property developers and hotel groups. Survey and analysis of proposed locations for new hotels and tourist attractions, including topography, geography, geology and socio-economic factors. These are all factors which can affect the building, operation and success of the project. Target clients for this service would include:
    • Hotel companies
    • Property developers
  • Anonymous audits, limited to security operations, on behalf of:
    • Travel agents for groups placement
    • Airlines for their crew contracts
    • Corporations who send their staff around the world
    • Meeting planners for conventions, meetings and exhibitions
  • Risk analysis surveys, on behalf of:
    A short analysis of existing and short-term risks to the property
    • Hotel companies to test themselves
    • Insurance companies to assess levels of premiums
    • Banks and investment companies to evaluate their investments
  • Safety, prevention and security surveys for existing hotels

    Part of the HSMT Formula, these detailed surveys look at all aspects of safety, prevention and security at the property
    • Hotel companies to test themselves
    • Insurance companies to assess levels of premiums
  • Ad-hoc surveys of all safety- and security-related matters

    Available to any interested parties (with hotel's permission) to check specific aspects of safety and security at the property
    • Hotel companies to test themselves
    • Investment companies to evaluate their investments
    • Banks to evaluate their investments
    • Insurance companies to assess levels of premiums

    Subjects covered:
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Safety and security infrastructure
  • Security plan
  • Equipment and systems
  • Procedures and policies
  • Training and preparedness
  • Backup systems
  • Medical
  • External services


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