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The HSMT Group offers a range of consultancy services to hotels, both independent and chain-affiliated, beginning with the pre-planning and location of future developments, through to the planning & construction of new hotels. For existing hotels, the group has developed the "HSMT Formula", combining years of experience in hospitality, safety and security issues. This combination ensures that the result of the "HSMT Formula" is a modern efficient safety and security arrangement, taking into account all the special needs of the hotel business.

Hotels in pre-planning stages

Pre-planning and planning stage consultancy for property developers and hotel groups. Survey and analysis of proposed locations for new hotels and tourist attractions, including topography, geography, geology and socio-economic factors. These are all factors which can affect the building, operation and success of the project.

Hotels in planning and design

Advice to architects and interior designers on all aspects of safety and security at the property.
In light of the extensive experience and know-how, the HSMT Group is able to give recommendations on building design, positioning of equipment, systems and physical requirements, in order to meet the safety and security needs of the property in the future, Local legal requirements are also considered in these recommendations.

Technology-based systems and equipment
Preparation of technical system specifications and management of tenders for these systems, including supplier selection, price negotiation, installation, implementation and training

Hotels under construction

Construction site security and safety.
As is generally accepted in the industry, the demands for a hotel opening are unique, and are normally carried out by a dedicated opening team. The same is true of the safety and security. During the construction and fitting of a new hotel, many unique safety and security concerns must be addressed, and the HSMT Group has 12 years experience in this specialist field.

Operational hotels

The 'HSMT Formula', developed over a number of years, to establish firm and stable prevention and security procedures and policies at existing hotels and hotel chains.



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